“How to Return?” Dennos Museum,黄晓亮《春-人间景》系列将参加美国密歇根州 Dennos博物馆展览“如何回归”

Dennos Museum   


“如何回归 - How to Return?” 


Organized with M97 Gallery, Shanghai

As China reaches the point of its post-boom years, Exhibition Curator, Steven Harris of m97 Gallery, suggests a more contemplative period is setting in. We are entering a time where the general pulse of society has seen through the veil of glittery consumerism and all it promised, and now artists and thinkers are looking in many ways how to return to find what’s left of their roots.

This exhibition will consist of works by Adou, Huang Xiaoliang, Liang Weizhou, Song Chao, Lou Dan, and Wang Ningde presenting images of the presenting contemporary images of the Chinese people and environment, reflecting tradition, change, and offering social commentary.

Huang Xiaoliang will display a complete series of "Spring - WorldIy Scenes"

2014年6月1日将在美国密歇根州Dennos 博物馆举行展览“如何回归 - How to Return?”展览时间为期3个月,自2014年6月1日起至9月7日结束,